Tips For First Timers In Las Vegas

Traveling to Las Vegas for the first time is very exciting. You might be wanting to go to the shows or to see how you can do it at the slots or the poker table. But there are a lot of things that those coming to Vegas for the first time simply aren’t aware of. Here we will take a look at tips for those traveling to Vegas for the first time.

Don’t Buy Drinks When Gambling

Newcomers will often go into a casino and before they go to the slots or the roulette table they’ll go and buy themselves a drink. This is a waste because if you go ahead and begin gambling it won’t be long before a waitress will come along and offer free drinks. The casino offers gamblers free drinks as a way to encourage them to keep gambling. It is possible that you will have to wait a while before a cocktail waitress comes along but it can save a considerable amount of money.

Bring A Jacket Even When It’s Scorching Hot

It might sound outrageous to suggest that you bring a jacket when it’s 100 degrees outside. The problem is that many of the casinos and restaurants and other places you might go to will often have the air conditioning turned up so hi that for many it’s uncomfortably cold inside. For this reason, anyone who is concerned that they might be uncomfortably cold can compensate for that by simply bringing a jacket with him.

Take Gambling Lessons

The casinos want you to gamble and they know that many first-timers are a little bit intimidated. Many of the casinos offer free gambling lessons where you can learn how to gamble at the different games without risking your money while you’re learning. At these lessons, you’ll learn all the necessary rules for playing as well as getting familiar with some of the terminology that the dealer might be using when communicating with you. It also helps you to understand where you should sit at the tables.

Sign Up For The Players Club Even If You Don’t Gamble

Many first-timers to Las Vegas who are not planning on doing any gambling think that they shouldn’t sign up for the Players Club. This is a mistake because signing up for this will allow you to get discounts on entertainment, restaurants, and even some freebies. No matter where you go you should swipe your player’s card to accumulate points.

For those who are gambling, you will definitely want to have your players card as the points can add up substantially. Los Vegas is a great city and an exciting destination. Using these tips will help the experience be even better.